I’ve wanted to make this Legacy bracelet for the past few years, and yet it is also a bracelet I would never want to have to make. For 15 years I taught fifth grade at a private school, intertwining my life with many young men and women I will forever love and never forget. My third year of teaching I had a young girl named Danielle Pound who lit up my room with her notable charm, wit, tenacity, and passion for Jesus and others. I quite simply LOVED her ~ So much joy and life in that little lady! In the following years I would run into Danielle periodically at school events, at her work … and I was always greeted with the same beautiful, huge smile. What a gift!

And then on May 17,2008, when this once young girl had now become a college student, Danielle’s earthly story ended in a tragic accident and her legacy began. Hers was the first funeral I had attended for one of my “kids.” The details of her death and the legacy of faith, family, and friendship Danielle left behind are beautifully and powerfully detailed by her mother and my friend, Melody Richards, at http://www.daniellepound.com.  By making this bracelet, I am honored to be one of the storytellers who continue to share about the Light that was alive in Danielle and the Jesus who now holds her. I shall take up her momma’s challenge to live in light of eternity!




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