by Amy

I am the mother of five boys who need heroes…

Men and women who are willing to pay the price, stand when they could sit, go when they could stay, and believe in something greater than themselves. Our Armed Forces and their families are full of such heroes, and two of them happen to be my neighbors.

Brad is serving his third tour overseas, while his wife Cera holds down the fort here at home. They are currently just over ½ way through a 12 month deployment. During their time apart Cera has allowed me to witness both her incredible strength and courage but also her sacrifice and struggle. She has invited me in to moments of grief where the sacrifice of separation is vivid and painfully real. She married a military man, and she is proud of him to her core. Brad and Cera are doing what they do for ME. For MY freedom. For MY family. And for yours.

I wanted Cera to have a tangible reminder of her man and of our gratitude for what her family has given for mine. She is my hero, and LIBERTY is a tribute to her, Brad, and all those who serve for the cause of freedom.

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