Legacy Bracelets Gift Cards

  • Choose from different price points or choose your own amount
  • Customize your gift message
  • Send the gift directly to the recipient via Legacy Bracelets OR you may print the Gift Card
  • Choose to send the gift immediately, or on a later date


How long does it take to receive a bracelet from the time the order is placed?

We ask for 2-3 weeks (depending on volume of orders) beginning with the day we receive your pictures/order/payment. 

Can I get a discount for ordering multiple bracelets?

Yes!  If you order two or more bracelets at the same time, enter the word “multiple” into the coupon code box during checkout for an automatic 10% off the cost of your entire order.  NOTE: If you are placing an order for multiple bracelets with INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, we will reimburse you for all but the original $25 shipping charge or the total cost of shipping if it exceeds $25.

Do I need to crop the pictures myself? What size images are needed?

We prefer to take care of cropping the photos for you.  We focus on faces whenever possible.  If you’d like us to zoom in on a particular person, or crop someone out, please let us know when you email us your pictures. Images should be in focus and at least 100KB of data.

How many pictures are needed? Do you have to include a verse or names? Can a verse be used that is not listed on the website?

Each Legacy Bracelet consists of 7 tiles. You may choose to use all photos or any combination of photos/verses/quotes/names you choose. YOU are the designer! We also welcome original quotes and verse selections. (Our most typical bracelet consists of 6 photos and 1 verse/quote)

Does LEGACY make an 8 tile bracelet to accommodate a notably large wrist size?

Yes, and we will include the extra tile at no additional charge.

What order will the pictures/verses be placed?

We will place them in the most logical/visually best order UNLESS otherwise specified. Please include specific and clear directions if you would like the tiles in a certain order (example – by age or family).

Will LEGACY restring a bracelet that was previously purchased?

We have found our bracelets to be very resilient! Unless restringing is needed within one month of purchasing your bracelet, we encourage you to restring using 1mm clear plastic string and beads which can be purchased at any craft store. We will restring for you for a $12 charge (which includes return shipping).

Will LEGACY replace a tile (example: new baby born)?

Not usually, but feel free to ask! We have found it difficult to create new tiles that look uniform to tiles that have aged in any way. It is also possible that the design has been discontinued. We have had expectant moms/adopting moms leave one tile open on the photo side in order to accommodate for a new child. In that case we can add the photo for a $15 charge (which includes return shipping).



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