welcome to social media

Legacy Bracelets has joined the 21st century.

Now you can find us on both Twitter and Facebook. One of the parts of this business that we have loved the most is the interaction with our customers. We love hearing the stories behind the bracelets. Some have been made to welcome a new baby, or for an anniversary, or to honor a mom on Mother’s Day. We have made several bracelets to commemorate adoptions.  And we have made a number of bracelets for people who have lost loved ones and are making a bracelet full of memories.

Every bracelet has a story.

We feel like having a connection to you through Facebook and Twitter is a perfect fit for a relational business like ours.  We will use these platforms to highlight new designs, announce new products, offer special deals, and share some of the great stories we hear from those of you who have given or received a Legacy Bracelet.  We would LOVE to interact with you.  Feel free to use our Facebook or Twitter pages to start a conversation, or shoot us a question.  Of course, you can always resort to good old fashioned e-mail, but social media is more fun.  🙂

Thanks so much for connecting with Legacy Bracelets here.  Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon!

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          >> http://facebook.com/legacybracelets

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